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Press Release on the outcomes of the workshop on climate change (Athens, 22 – 24 January, 2014)

 Press Release on the outcomes of the workshop on climate change (Athens, 22 – 24 January, 2014)

The workshop on climate change which was organized in the frame of the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union and took place in Athens between January 22 to 24 was successfully completed.
Over 90 representatives from EU Member States participated in the Workshop, while a big percentage was representatives of the European Commission.
The Workshop started with the Issue Negotiators/Lead Negotiators meeting on 22 January. The key themes that were discussed during the first day were the team EU working arrangements and how can be improved through the enhancement of tactic and strategy significance and by making progress beyond the formal negotiating lines.
In his Speech, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Yannis Maniatis, informed the participants about the   Hellenic Presidency priorities on climate change which include the first reading agreement for ETS – Aviation, the advancement on climate energy 2030 package and the ratification of the second commitment period of Kyoto Protocol. Additionally, the Minister emphasized that, at international level, the Presidency will pursue the consolidation of the EU and Member States negotiation lines and priorities in view of the COP 20 of the UNFCCC to take place in 2014 with the aim of retaining the EU leadership in international climate negotiations to be concluded in 2015 for the adoption of a new global binding agreement for the post 2020 period. 
During the second day of the Workshop, the discussion started with the overview of the progress made by the COP 19 of the UNFCCC which took place in Warsaw and proceed by the key challenges and opportunities that have the potential to be raised by the aforementioned COP19.  Main Spokeswoman of this particular session was Mrs. Jennifer Morgan, Director of the World Resources Institute’s Climate and Energy Program.  Additionally, the participants were informed by the European Commission about the 2030 climate and energy goals , which includes among other goals the reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% below the 1990 level, an EU-wide binding target for renewable energy of at least 27%, the Reform of EU ETS e.tc.
Furthermore, the participants split into four Break –Out Groups dealing in depth with the post 2020 regimes issues, pre 2020 mitigation ambition, adaptation and finance. The necessity for the promotion of synergies with the civil society and other policy forum and the achievement of bilateral cooperation with other countries or group of countries were discussed in the plenary session.
Finally, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change provided the participants with an optional cultural program giving them the opportunity to experience a visit to main archaeological sites of Athens.
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